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Highlight: Planning underway on a major Great Barrier Reef Restoration Project

We have secured over $950M in direct cash investments on behalf of our clients

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We are specialists in obtaining funding for joint venture projects in science, technology, research and innovation, having achieved more than $950M in direct cash investments and $2.7B in additional in-kind resource commitments from industry, government, philanthropic, and private equity sources, on behalf of clients.

VenturePro consultants combine technical expertise with industry know-how to provide hands-on advisory services across most industry sectors. We advise multi-disciplinary teams of professionals across government, university and private sectors to secure funding in the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. We have also secured funding on behalf of clients, for almost 100 innovation projects requiring up to $1M.

We advise universities, research institutes, hospitals, government departments and companies on securing investment or grant funding, establishing new ventures or initiatives, industry analyses, and strategic reviews of university or government centres or innovation programs.

Since our establishment we have had a success rate for our clients of just over 80% with almost $1B in industry, private equity and government funding awarded for more than 120 projects and joint ventures.

We also contribute to science and innovation policy through the development of major industry reports. Patrick and Lavinia have authored a range of industry reports for the Queensland Government, including the Queensland Life Sciences Industry Report, the Life Sciences Queensland business plan and the Queensland Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Complementary Medicine and Medical Devices Industry Reports.

Since 2005 we have provided at least 10% of our time in pro bono assistance to not-for-profit organizations. This includes work for the Autism CRC, the Queensland Eye Institute, and several schools and sporting clubs.

Current or Recent Projects

VenturePro has played a key role in the successful establishment of many important collaborative research ventures across Australia and critical research and hospital infrastructure in Queensland. Examples of recent or current projects:

Patrick appointed to the Advance Queensland Business Development Fund Investment Panel.

Great Barrier Reef Restoration Initiative in the planning phase.

Two CRE bids in the planning phase.

Economic Impact Analysis underway for a CRC.

Queensland Life Sciences Factsheets prepared for the BIO Convention in San Diego.

Compounds Australia Strategic Plan.

Commercialisation Plan for technology company.

Innovation and Partnerships Review for an Australian university.

Other successes include:

  • Bond University awarded $5.75M from the Commonwealth Government for a national $14M sports science research project. See Press Release
  • Ramsay Healthcare awarded $5.1M from the Australian Government Health and Hospitals Fund.
  • The Autism CRC awarded $31M.
  • The Queensland Eye Institute secures $12M.
  • The Wound Management Innovation CRC awarded $28M.
  • The National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training awarded $45 m from two different programs.
  • The Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation established after our business case was completed(QAAFI).
  • The Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation established after our business case was completed.
  • Successful business cases to establish the $135M Advanced Engineering Building, the $80M Centre for Clinical Research and the $53M Centre for Advanced Imaging.
  • The Queensland Tropical Health Alliance (QTHA) awarded $20M.
  • The Queensland Centre for Advanced Materials Processing and Manufacturing awarded $15M.
  • Successful tender to the Australian Defence Force to establish the $85M Defence Materials Technology Centre - $30M awarded
  • The Institute for Glycomics at Griffith University awarded $11M.
  • The Australian Institute for Biotechnology and Nanotechnology awarded $6.5M.
  • The Queensland Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Network awarded $5M.
  • The Syngenta Centre for Sugarcane Biofuel Development and the QUT Mackay biorefinery together awarded over $5M.
  • JK Tech Pty Ltd awarded $6.5M to establish the Mineral Characterisation Research Facility.

Our services

VenturePro offers services to public and private sector clients. Our services include:

Respected Advisors

Over more than a decade we have advised hundreds of researchers and many dozens of universities, hospitals and companies, usually behind the scenes, to prepare the business cases needed to establish new initiatives or ventures, and secure project funding from government and industry sources. The planning for many of the major research and innovation initiatives in Queensland in particular, has been underpinned by our work.

    Client Testimonial

    "Drs Silvey and Proctor provided timely, constructive and pivotal input to our team that was mounting a bid for the Autism Cooperative Research Centre. VenturePro's skills in economic impact of health conditions from the perspective of the Australian economy and public good were critical to our bid. VenturePro went the extra mile to support us and our team's efforts. They demonstrate critical research skills, a sound understanding of economic issues impacting research outputs, the critical capacity to adapt to the specific needs of research teams, and exceptional interpersonal communication skills that makes working with them a pleasure. We would highly commend VenturePro as professional operators in a complex and competitive research arena."

    The University of Queensland and Autism Queensland